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Nourishing Thyroid Health Download

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Nourishing Thyroid Health Download
Nourishing Thyroid Health Download
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Running time: 1 hour and 26 minutes
Includes: 1 DVD and 6 page information guide (downloadable PDF), iodine rich stock recipe and thyroid health worksheets
Size: 640 x 360 • 421 MB
Format: mp4

Join health and food expert, Andrea Beaman, in this enlightening and educational seminar on Thyroid health. Andrea will share with you the steps she took to successfully heal her own debilitating thyroid disease and how you can too.

You will discover:

  • The environmental factors that contribute to thyroid disease
  • How diet can protect us
  • Which healthy foods inhibit thyroid functions
  • Why fat is imperative for the endocrine system
  • Our need for iodine rich foods
  • The metaphysical and mind/body connection to thyroid disease
  • What role the chakras play in supporting the endocrine system
  • How to recognize old behavior patterns that may be detrimental to thyroid
  • A simple and effective meditation to enhance thyroid health
  • And much more!
Use this DVD and get started healing your thyroid right away!

This product includes a downloadable video and PDF that is immediately available after your purchase.

Once you have made your purchase, check the receipt that is emailed to you. In it is a link at the bottom. Click it and you will be taken to your downloads page.

Download the PDF as soon as you purchase this product, as the link will expire in 14 days.

Customer Reviews
Rating Thank you Andrea
Having recently been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism I was prescribed with Synthroid to counteract it. However, I intuitively knew that taking it would be a downward slide to complicated health issues. Not knowing much about this condition, I took to the web to try to figure out what to do. At first I was horrified to learn that most of my favourite foods were off limits as Im a big green smoothie and green juice drinker. I was thinking what the heck am I going to eat!!! I was also confused as to whether I should be taking more iodine or not.... But... then I came across Andrea and everything has become clear. I bought this download and am very relieved that I can eat most of my favourite foods....just not in raw form. Andrea is a delight to listen too... she`s funny and I had many 'Aha' moments throughout her talk, as so much made sense. What she said basically told me why I am in this state. Andrea is very knowledgable on the subject, and as she has been through what I am going thru herself, I feel very confident in that knowledge and that is certainly not what I was feeling when my doctor was talking at me. I also find the link with spiritual practice, the chakras and the importance on moving our bodies daily enlightening. Thank you very much Andrea... you're a star and Im buying the Adrenal Health download now. I´ll keep you posted on my progress :)
Reviewed by: from Spain. on 12/13/2013
Rating allowed me to trust myself
This video and information sheet are invaluable tools that provide a distinction and body-knowledge/food based wisdom that stands in relation to dominant medical practice. After 2 years of feeling sick, nearly 4 years on medication, I am now almost completely off of medication and feeling amazing. Andrea Beaman's clear and loving presentation break down the complexities of autoimmune thyroid disorders in accessible and comprehensive ways, and she offers practical and doable tasks - eat for your condition, move your body every day - that are also self-loving and gentle. With the plethora of opinions out there, I found this to provide an outlet for real and lasting change. In addition to feeling better at 40 than I have at any other time of my life, I now also feel the confidence to trust myself and listen to my body. Thank you, Andrea Beaman. Thank you for what you do!! Highly recommend.
Reviewed by: from Phoenix, AZ. on 10/17/2013
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